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My late wife and I moved here from Massachusetts in 1967. Prior to my move to Vermont, I managed a tree and landscape business outside of Boston and the experience has proven most helpful in determining possibilities for improving property. We had three young sons and we wanted them to appreciate people for what they were rather than the value of their home or any other displays of wealth. That same year, I opened my real estate office with a simple business plan: interview prospects, listen to what they are truly saying, and then use my background and experience to guide them to the perfect property. Life lessons learned in the Marine Corps serve me well where discipline, organization and hard work are daily requirements.

When we moved into our new home, we were greeted by a neighbor with an old wooden milk bottle carrier, each compartment filled with flowers, vegetables and baked goods from his farm. His kindness and generosity confirmed that our decision to move to Vermont was the right one.

The town where we settled, although physically beautiful, was not wealthy, nor long on social cachet. Our sons soon became great skiers, but we noticed that many of the kids did not ski because their families could not afford the equipment, lessons or lift tickets. We established a volunteer ski program including donated skis and clothing and convinced the local ski area to provide free skiing one afternoon a week. I took the role of school bus driver, complete with appropriate license, and as a less-than-expert ski instructor. Many of our friends and neighbors were fine skiers and pitched in to make this program a great success that continues to this day.

In 1985, we settled in Rochester and into our new home just a few days before Christmas. Hearing a knock on the door, we opened it to find a total stranger who said "Welcome to Rochester," and presented us with a beautiful balsam wreath that he had made himself. There have been many, many similar neighborly experiences over the years to follow, and this charming town continues to offer the values of a caring community.

There are many worthy organizations in Rochester and Central Vermont: The White River Valley Players, the Rochester Chamber Music Society, Pierce Hall Community Center and, happily, a large group of ardent supporters to make these worthy enterprises flourish. I have been active for years in restoring antique buildings, a labor of love with many rewards. Often we will find a property that, with taste and imagination can be transformed into a very special property beloved by their new owners.

With a population just under 1,200, Rochester offers a unique combination of concerned and committed citizens who prize and support good schools, preserving historic buildings and being good stewards of our fabled Green Mountains. When you are ready to start your search for the perfect piece of Vermont, Susan and I will show you the hidden gems.


Contact Brooks via email with any questions you might have at [email protected] or call him at (802) 767-3398.

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