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Welcome to Vermont's Greatest Winter Activities
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Jan 31 2014 At: 12:14 PM
Tags: winter activities, winter in Vermont, winter
Categories:Vermont Stories

There are more than 20 downhill skiing areas in Vermont, and many are now four-season resorts offering golf, tennis, hiking, biking and summer concerts. Cross country skiing fans have numerous choices for renting equipment and getting basic from guidance from experienced instructors. Many locations have miles of groomed trails and backcountry skiing is growing rapidly in popularity.   Snowshoeing is a quiet and not-too-demanding sport.  Learning the fundamentals is easy and many of the cross country operations mentioned above can accommodate you with equipment and instruction.  The Vermont Snow Travelers’ Association (snowmobilers) publishes and excellent map of VAST trails throughout the state.  Maps Read more

Landscaping for Dummies
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Dec 12 2013 At: 9:33 AM
Tags: landscaping, Mulching, Weeds, landscape design
Categories:Home Preparation , Real Estate - Selling

Proper preparation of your property prior to sale is called “staging.” While my partner, Susan, who is a Certified Home Staging Specialist, can help you with interior staging, the outside is perhaps even more important than the inside of a home. After all, it is that first impression that is all-important to a buyer. Just as clutter on the interior of a home can sabotage a house tour, a yard full of debris, children’s toys and bikes, yard maintenance equipment, a lawn that needs to be mowed or is covered with leaves can be an immediate turnoff. Also, a garage full Read more

Essential Tools for Maintaining A Country Home
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Dec 6 2013 At: 1:22 PM
Tags: Country Home, maintenance, landscaping
Categories:Home Preparation

ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR MAINTAINING A COUNTRY HOME If you are buying a country home in Vermont and plan to maintain it yourself, I would recommend the following tools that, based on my years of experience in the landscaping business, are essential. 1. Pruning tools.  Buy a good pair of by-pass pruners that fit your hand and are neither so heavy that you tire easily, nor too light-weight for the job at hand.  Use loppers for the bigger pruning jobs and hedge clippers if your landscape includes hedges. 2. Digging  tools.  Shovels, both pointed and flat, a post hole digger, an edger and a Read more

Five Questions to Decide Between a 15- and 30-Year
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Nov 14 2013 At: 11:41 PM
Tags: 15-year mortgage, 30-year mortgage
Categories:Real Estate - Buying

With the housing market finally in recovery, many borrowers may be interested in a 15-year mortgage. With lower rates and a shorter loan term, these mortgages are attractive but unfortunately not right for everyone. This article by Alexander Hesse (originally appearing in USA Toay) looks at five questions that can help a borrower decide between a 15-year and a 30-year mortgage. Check out the article. Read more

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