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Essential Tools for Maintaining A Country Home
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Dec 6 2013 At: 1:22 PM
Tags: Country Home, maintenance, landscaping
Categories:Home Preparation

ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR MAINTAINING A COUNTRY HOME If you are buying a country home in Vermont and plan to maintain it yourself, I would recommend the following tools that, based on my years of experience in the landscaping business, are essential. 1. Pruning tools.  Buy a good pair of by-pass pruners that fit your hand and are neither so heavy that you tire easily, nor too light-weight for the job at hand.  Use loppers for the bigger pruning jobs and hedge clippers if your landscape includes hedges. 2. Digging  tools.  Shovels, both pointed and flat, a post hole digger, an edger and a Read more

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