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Landscaping for Dummies
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Dec 12 2013 At: 9:33 AM
Tags: landscaping, Mulching, Weeds, landscape design
Categories:Home Preparation , Real Estate - Selling

Proper preparation of your property prior to sale is called “staging.” While my partner, Susan, who is a Certified Home Staging Specialist, can help you with interior staging, the outside is perhaps even more important than the inside of a home. After all, it is that first impression that is all-important to a buyer. Just as clutter on the interior of a home can sabotage a house tour, a yard full of debris, children’s toys and bikes, yard maintenance equipment, a lawn that needs to be mowed or is covered with leaves can be an immediate turnoff. Also, a garage full Read more

4 Emotional Mistakes Sellers Make
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Nov 4 2013 At: 5:04 PM
Tags: emotional mistakes, selling
Categories:Real Estate - Selling

Don't let emotions get in the way of your sale. Check out 4 emotional mistakes sellers make by Tara-Nicolle Nelson to learn about the top 4 mistakes and how to avoid them. "Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment, then wished for weeks later you could reel those words back in? The truth is, all of us commit emotion-driven mistakes in some areas of our lives. But when it comes to selling their homes (read: cashing out their most valuable assets) the stakes are simply too, too high to allow your sellers and their transactions to fall Read more

Seek Professional Help
Posted by: Susan Barron On Feb 20 2013 At: 2:04 PM
Tags: subdivide, dividing property
Categories:Real Estate - Selling

SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP  When offering your property for sale, we suggest that you carefully consider not dividing it. On many occasions, we have heard the comment, “If I could have had the entire property, I would have made a purchase.”  In addition, sub-dividing without a careful plan can involve zoning issues, survey and legal expense plus septic evaluations.   Another common mistake often occurs when an owner sells off small parcels of choice terrain and permits modest homes to be built on them. I remember a dairy farm with lovely open meadows and exceptional views.  The owner rewarded three loyal employees with tiny Read more

Is It Time To Sell Your Home?
Posted by: Susan Barron On Feb 6 2013 At: 12:07 PM
Tags: selling your home, selling property, vermont real estate sales
Categories:Real Estate - Selling

Is it time to sell? Listing my first property was a big thrill.  I had watched others make presentations to sellers, get a signed contract and then do all the things required to put a property on the market… take photographs, measure rooms, fill out paperwork, get data from the town clerk, get all the detailed information required for the Multiple Listing Service, write copy for each media, whether internet, print or website.  Now, at last, I had a listing prospect of my own! As I drove up the driveway to the house, I noticed how meticulously the yard and gardens were Read more

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