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Welcome to Vermont's Greatest Winter Activities
Posted by: Brooks Barron On Jan 31 2014 At: 12:14 PM
Tags: winter activities, winter in Vermont, winter
Categories:Vermont Stories

There are more than 20 downhill skiing areas in Vermont, and many are now four-season resorts offering golf, tennis, hiking, biking and summer concerts. Cross country skiing fans have numerous choices for renting equipment and getting basic from guidance from experienced instructors. Many locations have miles of groomed trails and backcountry skiing is growing rapidly in popularity.   Snowshoeing is a quiet and not-too-demanding sport.  Learning the fundamentals is easy and many of the cross country operations mentioned above can accommodate you with equipment and instruction.  The Vermont Snow Travelers’ Association (snowmobilers) publishes and excellent map of VAST trails throughout the state.  Maps Read more

Saving a Piece of History
Posted by: Susan Barron On Apr 23 2013 At: 8:59 AM
Tags: The Union Church, Lampson School, New Haven Mills
Categories:Vermont Stories

SAVING A PIECE OF HISTORY  There is a handsome little church built in 1851 that lacks heat, lights, running water or plumbing of any kind. The appeal lies in several factors: its unornamented yet powerful Greek Revival simplicity, its handsome setting above the New Haven river and the fact that my late brother-in-law, Burt Rolfe, was instrumental in saving this historic house of worship. The flood of 1927 did extensive damage to the settlement of New Haven Mills, but The Union Church and the Lampson School next door, survived due to their elevation.  Burt was the eldest of six children and his Read more

Mud Season in Vermont
Posted by: Susan Barron On Apr 18 2013 At: 4:02 PM
Tags: mud season, water bars, logging, Vermont
Categories:Vermont Stories

WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE : GO, GO, H2O  When melting snow combines with spring rains, the damage to roads and driveways can be considerable. This is especially true in Vermont, where water courses down mountain sides, gaining volume and velocity in its chosen path.  Much has been learned from the logging industry about how to control damage caused by heavy rains.   Loggers create “water bars” in the logging roads built to transport the harvested trees.  This is done by making a a raised bar diagonally across the surface of the road to direct the water to one side.  Because water takes the path Read more

Daffodil Days
Posted by: Susan Barron On Mar 19 2013 At: 10:07 AM
Tags: American Cancer Society, Fundraising, Daffodil, Relay For Life, Cancer Survivors
Categories:Vermont Stories

Today I just delivered the last of my daffodils for the American Cancer Society.  Each year at this time, thousands of people all across the country sell these harbingers of spring to raise money for ACS.   A few days ago a fleet of trucks left Oregon headed to all parts of the nation loaded with daffodils, pots of tete a tete daffodil bulbs and Bear Hugs for kids.  The members of my church, the Federated Church of Rochester, and other community members ordered $710 worth of flowers… not bad for a little town of under 1,200 souls!  They look forward to Read more

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